Privacy Notice

GoofyQ is a free App for Business users who require a quick and efficient solution to organize queues of people. It provides their Customers a facility to make bookings for the services offered by the Business.

Name, Mobile Number and Email id for Customers. Name, Location and Address information of the Business, Service Information and Photos for Business.
The information we collect is minimum and required for providing the queue management service to the Business User and their Customer.
We do not send marketing information to the contact details we collect.

We do not collect any personal information when you visit our website unless you have voluntary provided information as part of our enquiry forms.

The information we collect is minimum and required for providing the queue management service to the Business User and their Customer.

The information we collect may vary depending on the level of engagement we have with you. For the usage of the App, we obtain your name and mobile number [for all Users] as well as physical address and photo of your Business establishment [for Business Users].

Our website does not collect information based on cookies. We do not track or store information related to your online presence nor do we obtain or use and personal identifiable information.

We obtain information related to your contact email id through Contact/Query forms on the website. The information is strictly used to respond to your query and not used for marketing purposes.

Information related to minors / child – The nature of our App services does not differentiate between minors / adults. We do not collect age related information and therefore agnostic to the user profile. If you provide information about minors, you take full responsibility for such information provided and have to apply adequate safeguards in taking consent of the individual / guardian / parent as well as the legal requirements in providing such information.
We do not share the data with any third party [other than the telecom carriers involved in the service] or our cloud partners for providing notification services.

Security precautions
We have clear policies on application of security measures over all the data we collect and the services we provide. However, given the nature of the services we cannot guarantee absolute security. We are however, dedicated to respecting your policy and will take all the measures to inform you if there is a security breach that impacts your privacy or service and take immediate corrective measures.

Cynosure Information Systems Private Limited will share data to authorities if obliged to do so in the course of any legal requirements.
We rely one of the industry’s best cloud service provider. They host their services across multiple geo-territories and are therefore required to comply with data protection laws of each territory they are located in. Your data in specific is hosted in their cloud services provisioned and functional from India. We do not have any in-premises servers in which we store your data.
We delete your PII data within 3 months from the time you delete your account. We hold the data for 3 months for us to handle any disputes between Business and Customers.
We are available to provide more information and address any of Privacy concerns. Please write to us at